Press Release

American Real Estate Partners Clears the Air for Tenants

July 27, 2021

Partners with Pure Wellness to Install Cutting Edge Air Purification in Buildings

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--American Real Estate Partners (AREP), an institutional fund manager and innovative operating partner focused on office, and mixed-use repositioning and development in the Greater Mid-Atlantic Region, has partnered with Pure Wellness, a leader in transforming interior spaces into world-class wellness environments that protect against viral & bacterial contaminants [including COVID-19] - to promote overall wellbeing at 10 of its assets nationally.

Headquartered in the greater Washington metropolitan area, AREP creates a distinctive sense of place in every asset that authentically reflects the character, surroundings, and people who work there. As such, everything AREP does is in the service of elevating the tenant experience. By creating healthy environments that instill confidence and provide comfort for its customers, AREP leads the industry.

"For AREP, Wellness continues to be a portfolio-wide priority and the driving force in our buildings and office communities," said Jane Patty, Managing Director, Operations & Workplace for AREP. "Our partnership with Pure Wellness further supports our commitment and dedication to the health and wellbeing of tenant customers, their guests, and employees."

At the very beginning of the pandemic, the company established advanced cleaning protocols and enhanced air quality systems and ventilation that typically exceeds guidelines set by public health authorities. In alignment with these protocols, AREP selected Pure Wellness because the technology uses electricity to capture air particles too small for HEPA filtration – creating the cleanest air possible today. As a result, building customers notice a dramatic improvement in stuffiness, headaches, and watery eyes while feeling more alert and 'clear-headed' during the day.

"AREP is among a very select group of companies in the commercial real estate space leading the way to defining the office of the future," said Brian Shedd, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Pure Wellness. "Their commitment to creating a healthy work environment free of viral and bacterial threats in the air and surfaces will result in greater tenant retention, higher employee productivity and competitive differentiation for their assets in each market they serve."

AREP has a dedicated Wellness task force to develop protocols, strategies, and communications for the portfolio. The task force and their environmental Engineering & Industrial Hygienist partner, UL Industries, leverage expertise to further advance AREP's best-in-class Property Management and Building Operations standards.