SGH moved into 1625 I Street in October 2018 to accommodate our growing presence in Washington, DC. Once we settled in, we quickly realized how well-suited the new space was for us—the beauty of this building reached beyond its appearance into high-level functionality. After four years here as tenants, we have consistently experienced outstanding communication, responsiveness, and timeliness in meeting our needs, and could not be more pleased with the caliber of the management team. AREP ensures that the building is a secure, clean, and welcoming place for our staff, clients, and visitors. As an engineering consulting firm, we prize the marriage of form and function in a structure. 1625 I Street meets that expectation head-on.


Relocating our Atlanta Headquarters in 2016 to Canal Center was a strategic decision made easier through the professionalism, patience and support of AREP. This exceptional experience led us to sign a 16-year lease, a first in our over 40-year history. We have enjoyed a strong alliance over the years and look forward to expanding within the property. When it comes to commercial real estate and property management, we can’t imagine turning to anyone else.

Jula Jane, President & CEO, COGGINS International


AREP has been an outstanding partner thoughout Covid-19 pandemic. They have shown true leadership in the commenrcial Real Estate industry and have provided the best technical guidance and information to Consumer Healthcare Products Association to protect the health and safety of our staff.

Brian Green, SVP Finance & Operationsand, CFO Consumer Healthcare Products Association


American Real Estate Partners has greatly transformed Highline at Greensboro District with its property improvements, creating a true sense of place for BDO’s employees and our fellow tenants. Property Management is top notch, and the building amenities, including a regular selection of popular food trucks, have proven to be a hit with our team.


Given what we do for our clients, one can imagine the value we place on reliability, transparency, process clarity and proactive communications. Our experience with the AREP team could not have more closely embodied these values in practice. Throughout the planning, design and construction of our workplace, AREP helped us anticipate and navigate the various complexities of our build-out, ensuring the process was as smooth and orderly as possible at every stage. The seamlessness of the overall experience as well as the dedication of the AREP team to deliver our space on-time, on-budget and as promised demonstrates not only the level of care they have for their customers but also their desire to build long-term relationships.


For most law firms, the work environment is changing rapidly, and we sought a workplace partner who not only understood these dynamics from a physical space standpoint but also an experiential one. From the moment AREP presented their vision for us at the Candler Building, it was clear they had a firm comprehension of our needs. Not only did their plan address key space design and efficiency considerations, it also provided us an experiential platform to accommodate the varied expectations, work styles and environments important to our younger associates and future hires. As talent recruitment and retention pressures increase, having a partner-in-place who looks to go beyond the expected and curate a workplace which engages our people is a critical element to our future success. For us, AREP is that partner.


Since executing our first lease with AREP in 2004, we have found their team to be extremely accommodating. They have always acted as our advocates, putting our interests first and working to find the best possible solution for us as our space needs evolved. In our experience, no detail or request has ever been too small to escape notice or action. We consider ourselves fortunate to have found in AREP a partner who is as vested in our success as we are. To that end, we are grateful for everything they have done (and continue to do) to elevate our experience and create a workplace environment that works for us.


AREP has provided Invictus outstanding support in all phases of facilities management from our initial buildout to daily maintenance/janitorial support. The amenities on the property such as a gym, food services, underground parking, and a shuttle service to Metro/Old Town enhance our ability to attract and retain top talent in our field of service.

Scott King, Chief Security Officer, INVICTUS


AREP has made numerous tangible improvements to Canal Center Plaza since they took ownership. It has been exciting to see our environment evolve and relationship grow during this time. They have been accessible, helpful, and a pleasure to work with. As a contract office furniture dealership our companies have a lot to offer one another beyond just a tenant landlord relationship and we look forward to working together for years to come.

Gay Bedwell, Director of Operations, reDistrict


Since AREP acquired Canal Center, we have seen dramatic change. Aside from the physical improvements they have made, their efforts to understand and address our needs as well as build a relationship with us beyond the space transaction—says something significant about their organization and what they value. I have found their people always eager to help, listen and do the right thing. For us, they make the workplace work.