”As an innovative building owner and manager, AREP understands that providing a welcoming, modern, customer centric environment is essential for its properties to remain sought-after workplace destinations
how they deliver this continues to set them apart from the competition.“

Nick Romito, CEO of VTS

Raising the Bar for Tenant Customer Experience

As our tenants return to the office, we're partnering with them to ensure that their work environments are places where people want to be and can perform at their best.

Each AREP property actively promotes Wellness and Connection and brings to life AREP's core promise to go beyond the expected with a unique combination of amenities, technology, and property management expertise.

Ambassadors of Comfort

One of the most beneficial amenities continues to be AREP's dedicated property management teams, delivering hospitality-focused customer service, including AREPx programming, to provide our tenants with what they need, when they need it, and foster a sense of community.

Hospitality Approach Meets Technical Expertise

Not only does AREPx deliver on our promise to create inviting, value-rich workplaces, it also enables us to cultivate neighborhood services and provide a Best-in-Class experience for the most important people in our building ecosystem - our customers.