AREP is committed to

welcoming customers back

to the workplace with

confidence and clarity

AREP creates workspaces where people feel well, feel secure, and are inspired to perform their best. Here’s what we’ve put in place:

Highest standards of indoor air quality. Our IAQ protocols include using MERV 13 filters, electrostatic cleaning, and UV light and Negative Ion technology air purifiers in elevator cabs. Increased outside air flow: elevating exterior air settings from 20% to 40% to maximize HVAC exchanges of fresh air. Our HVAC coil cleaning and sanitizing procedure now includes the use of a 70% alcohol disinfecting solution.

Increased frequency of cleaning & disinfecting of common areas particularly frequently touched surfaces like building entry door handles, restroom fixtures, water fountains, elevator call buttons, railings, and suite entry doors. Additionally, touchless hand sanitizer stations have been placed throughout all common areas portfolio-wide.

Ongoing cleaning & disinfecting within tenant suites including break room countertops and cabinet handles, microwave control pads and handles, refrigerator control pads and handles, copier control pads, conference room tables, and non-porous conference room seating.

Protecting our teams & our tenants by following the CDC and local jurisdiction guidelines on personal protective equipment (PPE) use. Our property teams continue to keep tenants updated on their specific building policies.

AREP's expert focus & core principles established by our property management and building operations teams have been vital to the success of our COVID-19 response protocols. Our Wellness task force leverages expert internal and industrial hygienist partner insights, and we are proud to exceed recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO), U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) for our operating policies.

Wellness credentialing for our property teams. We have rolled out a robust WELL AP and Fitwell Ambassador credentialing program for our property management team, which not only reinforces our commitment to health and wellness but also ensures that we continue to utilize proven experience and expertise in creating and operating healthy environments.

Amenity centers & fitness facilities. Our Property Teams continue to provide our tenants with real-time updates about opening dates, operational guidance, and disinfecting protocols for these facilities. Portable air purification systems will be installed in all fitness facilities as they reopen. Our #1 goal is the comfort and safety of our building customers.

Better days begin in better spaces which is why our dedication to wellness remains at the forefront of our portfolio.