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How This Fairfax-Based UL Subsidiary Is Backstopping Coronavirus Office Prep

June 17, 2020

Washington Business Journal

By Daniel J. Sernovitz

Have they done enough? Might their efforts to keep the deadly coronavirus from spreading cause other, unexpected problems? Are they prepared for the safe and healthy return of their work-from-home office tenants?

Those are heady questions with potentially serious ramifications commercial real estate owners are grappling with as they prepare for the return of their tenants and the employees who work for them. While landlords and property managers in Greater Washington have already taken steps to confront the spread of the novel coronavirus, many are turning to outside consultants for help ensuring they're doing the right things.

Among them is a Fairfax-based division of UL LLC, the global safety certification company. Landlords including American Real Estate Partners and MRP Realty are seeking out the expertise of Healthy Buildings International, a company acquired by Northbrook, Illinois-based UL, formerly known as Underwriters Laboratories, in July 2019.